Registering for the forum, joining the club and perks offered.

To see more of the forum and also joining information see here first.
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Registering for the forum, joining the club and perks offered.

Post by Uncle Bob » Sat Apr 27, 2019 5:16 pm

Firstly let's get the terms of use out of the way.
This Forum is moderated on a daily basis.
All genuine members / services related to the nature of the forum are welcome but to protect the club/forum members from potential virus/phishing attacks the club operates a strict NO SPAM policy, any forum member posting non-related advertising or listing such sites as their homepage will be removed on a regular basis.

So we'll assume you are on the internet as you're looking at our Web Forum! You can just be a forum member which is fine, it opens up some new areas and there's no cost. We'd love any Kat owner to join us at this level at least. Just do step 1 below and then login. Of course you can become a member at any time - just follow steps 2 to 4 when you are ready.
  1. The first thing is to Register for the forum ucp.php?mode=register.
  2. Once you have registered successfully, login and come back to the Katana Owners Club Info page viewforum.php?f=18
  3. Now you will see a new section called How to Join viewforum.php?f=43
  4. In there you'll find the Paypal details to send payments to and details required.
If you are on someone else's computer and want it old skool then use the Contact form at memberlist.php?mode=contactadmin to send us a message with a contact phone number so we can call you, to give details.

The cost for the Club is currently £10 per year which helps us cover our costs of web hosting, insurance etc.

We produce 3 Newsletters per year roughly in June, Oct and Feb.
There are a minimum 2 meetings per year in the UK Manc'ee Kat and Wussy Kat in May and Sept. This year (2019) there is a Scotland trip and in previous there have been trips to the Bikers Loft in Belgium.
Every 2 years we have EuroKat (EK), the next is in France in 2020.
We get 10% discount at Robinsons Foundry
We are a registered club with Peter James Insurance
We have a range of tools etc that we lend out and a you keep until the next person requires it basis (you pay postage sending on).
Access to searchable parts lists / technical PDF's for different bikes.
Links with other Katana Owners clubs (most notably in France and Germany) which is helpful for parts found in those countries.
And a great community of like minded Katana owners ready to help each other!

We hope you'll join us!